Academic Partnerships

Promoting the use of Tableau as a teaching tool

At The Information Lab's Data School, we work closely with universities to help them promote the use of Tableau as a teaching tool. Real-world data visualisation and analysis skills can set your graduates apart in the job marketplace; give your students the opportunity to learn a sought-after skill which will not only help them in their studies but also in their careers.

What We Offer

Free Tableau licenses for students, academics and university IT labs through Tableau’s Academic Program.

Free of charge Tableau training for your students. Classes tailored to introducing students to a range of concepts in Tableau, from basic skills to advanced techniques.

Data visualisation talks. Why is data visualisation important? How can it benefit you in your studies/career?

Office visits. Bring your students into our headquarters to see what life as a consultant is like.

Key Benefits

Increase the employability of your students with in-demand analytics and technology skills. Tableau was reported as being the tech skill with the 3rd highest increase in demand by employers – training your students in Tableau will give them exposure to a product which will only aid their employability.

Improve your university’s KPIs. Giving your graduates the best chance of obtaining professional employment will improve League Table results, KPIs and DLHE performance for your university.

Get your students on our radar. We employ 8 people every 2 months in The Data School, we are always looking for good candidates.


We are offering FREE Tableau training for instructors and students at universities.

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Middlesex University

The trainers were amazing, making everyone work hard while maintaining an appropriate pace. Every single member of the team managed to see the results of the training within days on their work and we have already produced a significant number of visualisations on our data sets.

George Dafoulas
Dr George Dafoulas
Associate Professor - Computer Science, Middlesex University

The Information Lab team visited our department and trained a team of students and staff in Tableau. The training sessions were interesting and challenging. They helped key individuals to obtain a solid understanding on how to use the technology and make better use of data by providing visualisations based on our research needs. We use Tableau in a number of modules and needed assisting staff to be trained, but also students needed to learn how to use it for their projects. The sessions helped participants to gain a good grasp of the features on offer and also help to associate the tool with their needs.

Loughborough University

Having worked with multiple representatives of The Information Lab over the last few years, I have always found their staff to be highly knowledgeable, personable and professional which has led to widespread positive feedback from a diverse cohort of students.

George Dafoulas
Dr Daniel Read
Lecturer, Sport Business, Loughborough University London

The Information lab have worked with our students multiple times over the last few years providing introductory training sessions to Tableau. The sessions have always been well-paced, extremely engaging and tailored to the needs of our students. As a result, our students have been able to produce some excellent visualisations and dashboards throughout their programmes, even without any prior experience of data visualisation. Equally, alumni now working in a variety of roles regularly mention the transferable value of learning Tableau during their studies.